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    Procoralan is used procoralan to treat the symptoms of long-term stable angina (e . General procoralan information . It is also used in patients with long-term heart failure (when the heart cannot pump enough blood to the rest of the body) who have a normal heart rhythm but whose heart procoralan rate is at least 75 beats per minute . Procoralan mainly works by procoralan reducing the heart rate by a few beats per minute . , procoralan jaw and back, pains to the chest) in adults with coronary artery disease (disease of the heart caused by the obstruction of the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart muscle) who have a normal heart rhythm . Ivabradine hydrochloride is used in patients who cannot be treated with beta procoralan remboursement belgique procoralan y alcohol medicament procoralan 5 mg procoralan blockers (another type of medicine to treat angina) or in combination with beta?blockers in patients whose disease is not controlled with them alone and whose heart rate is at least 70 beats per minute . This lowers the procoralan heart’s need for oxygen especially in the situations when an angina attack is more likely to happen .

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در حال نمایش 1 نوشته (از کل 1)
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